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Horse Breaking

All horses that come to Churchill Equine are assessed and treated as individuals.

Using tried and tested methods all horses must satisfactorily, tie up, hose down, saddle, bridle, be forward moving and confident in the barriers.

An assessment of how the horse handled their breaking in prep and what to expect going forward will be provided on completion.

Churchill Equine have a verifiable record of producing well educated and mentally prepared 2yo’s that continue to perform on the track.


Two pre-trainers working together.

Pre-Trainers usually commence a 4 weeks program.

First they are shod, teeth checked and wormed ready to commence their program of mainly long slow work of trotting and cantering.

This slow work helps to build up muscles and strengthen their bodies in preparation for the increased workload upon transition to the Trainers.

This time can also be used to address any behavioral or educational shortcomings.


Every now and again we all come across one of those horses that is extremely difficult to deal with.

There can be a multitude of reasons as to why these horses become like this and they can all require a slightly different approach.

Churchill Equine has the experience and skills required to get these horses back on track.

With these specific individuals, owners are informed of the horses progress every step of the way.

Weanling Handling

Weanlings are taught the basics, leading, picking up their feet, tying up and general handling ready for any vet visits, farriers and any other therapies they may require.

Churchill Equine can address any additional needs Clients may have such as training to wear rugs, or be float trained etc.

Yearling Prep

Churchill Equine can prepare Yearlings for the sales.

This includes educating Yearlings to use a walker, treadmill, how to lunge and how to lead for presentation at the sales.

Churchill Equine will handle Yearlings for Vet Xrays, Farriers and Sales promotional materials.

We can also present your yearlings at the sales.

Float Training

Churchill Equine can float or truck train horses of any ages.

Horses are taught to walk up into the float on their own, with confidence.

We can also re-train horses that may have been involved in distressing situations resulting in a reluctance to load. Regaining their confidence in float loading is key to moving past their issues.

Rogues and Dangerous Horses

Churchill Equine has the experience and technical skills to be able to deal with Rogues and Dangerous Horses.

These horse are dealt with on a case by case basis.

We ensure close liaison with Clients when dealing with these particular horses.

Yearling Sales Consulting

A representative of Churchill Equine is happy to recommend and advise on sales lots.

We can accompany you to the sales to offer advice or we can act on your behalf in your absence.

General Equine Advice

Churchill Equine are happy to assist with any of your Equine needs or advise.

Get in touch and advise us of your needs and we will do our best to find a solution.

Let’s build something together.

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