Charters Towers Lady of Racing

Churchill Equine annually visit Charters Towers in Far North Queensland The lovely owner Sue Hammer, and her husband Peter Hammer of Annavale Thoroughbreds and Annavale Brahmans from Charters Towers are one of Churchill Equines long standing loyal supporters. Sue has been breeding horses for over 40 years. Sue has bred some magnificent Andalusian’s that haveContinue reading “Charters Towers Lady of Racing”

Pedigree Analysis

STARSPANGLEDBANNER – STREET STORM COLT This is a very interesting Pedigree. I see no reason why this wouldn’t work well. There is no inbreeding in the first five generations, it is an outcross pedigree (with a few exceptions in the sixth generation and beyond) so should bring some hybrid vigor into the progeny. STREET STORM:Continue reading “Pedigree Analysis”